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The Fastest Way For Busy Parents To Learn Math Is To Learn From Me

by | May 14, 2020 | Video

Many busy parents want to teach their children at home. 

But there is no time. It is not just an excuse. It is real. 

Working hours are long and by the time you come home, the last thing is you want to do is to sit down and start teaching your child. 

Not only are you drained from work, your child is also tired and needs to sleep soon.

To top it, you look at the Math questions and because you are exhausted, you just cannot muster any more brain energy to solve the complicated questions. 

You thought you can read up to find out how to solve the Math questions but suddenly …, you have to travel overseas for business. Or you have a very important presentation to finish. So, you keep putting the Math questions off. You tell yourself… never mind there is still time. 

And before you know it, PSLE is just around the corner.

Now, this scenario is very real. I know. I have been there. I was once a working mum in a large organisation. I needed to do a lot of presentations, I needed to travel with very short notice and I was too exhausted to look at my children’s work by the time I got home. 

And yet, I wanted to help my child. I wanted to learn the methods, the strategies. It’s just that ..(sigh)

Fast forward, I have now mastered the methods. It took time, it took effort and I was lucky to learn from the experts. 

Now, if you are a busy parent and have no time and energy to teach your child, the fastest way to get him up to speed in Math without you having to worry, is to learn from me..not just your child, but you will also learn many tips and methods from me. 

You see, at the end of each lesson, I will always provide feedback to parents not only what the child can do and cannot, but also brief parents on the topics learned. 

If parents are interested, I am more than willing to share the methods used in class so that you can guide your child when needed and monitor his progress at the same time. 

So busy parents, wait no more. Help is here. 

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