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How To Maximise Your Child’s Potential in Math Even If He drags His Feet At Home

by | May 14, 2020 | Video

Picture this

Scenario 1

You have been working all day. When you come home, your child is watching TV. You ask if he has done the exercises from the assessment books you assigned earlier. He says no but assures you that he will do later. Later never came. He just keeps procrastinating. 

Scenario 2

Finally, your child sits down to do work, but he doesn’t sit for more than 5 minutes before declaring that he is hungry, thirsty, needs to go to the toilet or needs to wash his hands? You look at his work and he has done close to nothing. 

Scenario 3 

You ask your child if he needs tuition, he says no way. He assures you that he can be independent, he doesn’t need help, he will self-study and will practice by himself. But he continues to play online games, thinking he will just do his work after the games have ended. The self-discipline never materialized.


Children are children. They lack self-discipline. They find it too difficult to get away from distractions like handphones and TV, they lack willpower to sit down and do work on their own.

You are at wit’s end, and you are a busy working parent. And it’s too draining to have an argument with your child every day, 

If that sounds familiar in your household, you are not alone.

Many children I know just will not do any work at home, no matter what parents do or say. 

But I do know that many children will do work at the learning centre and when assigned by the teacher. 

Some children just need a different environment to push them to do their work. It is not that they are not motivated; it’s just the lack of willpower unless there is a force or a purpose that is making them do it. 

The learning centre provides a learning environment that enables students to have this discipline and a sense of responsibility and purpose towards doing their work and practicing the questions. 

I have personally seen many students like that. I’m happy to know that they are practicing the questions here even if they don’t do any at home. 

Many of these students have the potential. Your child has this potential, but because of their lack of discipline, the potential is not maximized. 

If you do not want your child to slack because of all these excuses, a learning centre could be the answer for you to maximise your child’s potential even if he dragging his feet at home. 

And you will not need to have this argument with him anymore.

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