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5 Minutes Per Math Question Everyday

by | May 14, 2020 | Video

Many students do not do enough Math questions. In other words, they do not practice enough. The common reason I hear all the time is that there is NO TIME. 

Now, what if your child takes just 5 minutes of his daily life to do just one Math Word Problem?

Why 5 minutes? Well, that’s the target time to solve those 4- or 5-marks questions in Paper 2. 

During exams, your child may take more than 5 minutes but let’s just work towards the target time of 5 minutes.

My homework booklets for the PSLE exam revision contains more than 30 questions…. so, if your child can spend 5 minutes per question and if he attempts say 5 questions a day, then he would just need less than half an hour a day to attempt these 5 questions. And in 6 days, he would have attempted all the questions in the homework booklet.

Think of it this way, many students just cannot do it or would not do it. Never mind that they can spend an hour each day playing games or looking at their handphone.

If your child can take just 5 minutes per question daily – Practice, Positive Mindset and Perseverance, I’m sure this effort will pay off and in turn change his score in his exams. 

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