IPMUM is privileged...

... to have students from many different schools, non-exhaustively as follows...

Ai Tong Primary      Anderson Primary      Ang Mo Kio Primary      CHIJ Toa Payoh
CHIJ Our Lady of Nativity      Compassvale Primary      Fernvale Primary      Horizon Primary
Hougang Primary      Nan Chiau Primary      North Vista Primary      Maris Stella High
Rosyth School      Raffles Girls Primary      Opera Estate Primary      Palm View Primary
Pei Chun Public School      Poi Ching Primary      Sengkang Green Primary      Springdale Primary
St Anthony’s Canossian      St Hilda’s Primary      Xin Min Primary      Yio Chu Kang Primary



What Parents Are Saying…

“I would like to recommend IPMUM to all parents for 3 primary reasons:-

  • Excellent curriculum and material, which emphasises on understanding the Maths problems to applying the right solution strategy
  • Encouraging parent-student partnership in tackling PSLE, which allows the parent to learn with the child and provide the right amount of support when needed
  • Homely and conducive learning environment at the centre, which makes learning fun, enriching and engaging

Here is my story…

My son, YW was already studying at another tuition centre when we enrolled him at IPMUM after attending its workshop.  The P6 PSLE programme was unique as it gave me the opportunity to attend the class and learn together with YW.

After several lessons, YW had understood a lot more and began to have more confidence in tackling Maths. I found the learning methods to be extraordinary where concepts and solutions were explained in a very clear and concise manner. The teacher is extremely dedicated and often gave tips on the PSLE expectations beyond the Math subject.

Today, YW is in S2 and continues to enjoy Maths due to the strong foundation that IPMUM has provided. In the previous semestral exam, YW even managed to score 98% for his Maths !

My daughter, YY has always looked forward to attending classes at IPMUM. Her interest level in Math has increased tremendously. She loved how the lessons were more engaging and how homely the centre is. Today YY is in P5 and in the previous semestral exam, we were overjoyed when she scored 100% for her Maths. Truly unbelievable!”

SK Lee

Father of YW (P6) & YY (P4 - 2016) [updated in 2018]

“Chloe attended IPMUM in April 2017. Although she was there for only for about 5 months, IPMUM prepared her well for her PSLE Math. Chloe liked their worksheets especially as they provided her exposure to various types of past PSLE questions. Teacher Felicia was very clear and dedicated in her teachings. She provided the extra mile to explain the solutions to Chloe whenever she has problems in solving her school Math worksheets.  IPMUM provided good parenting and PSLE workshop on the day before the PSLE Math exam. I am glad that I found the right Math tuition centre for Chloe.”

Mrs Peh

Mother of Chloe (P6- 2017)

“Earlier this year, I enrolled Farsyan into a well-established tuition centre. After more than a month, I could not see any visible improvement from his test results. I chanced upon IPMUM and started him on their weekly classes earlier this March. After just a few classes, he began to show interest and always look forward to attending the classes. It is pleasing for me to see that he has developed a real enthusiasm and confidence for Math. The small class has definitely contributed to ensure excellent involvement between student and teacher. I have no hesitation in giving IPMUM the highest recommendation possible.”


Parent of Farsyan (P2 - 2017)

“We were recommended to IPMUM Education by a highly valued tutor.

Our son Eagle John, 11 years old, was struggling in his preparation for the Primary 5, AEIS exam. Previously he went to school in the Philippines. Compared to Singapore, the methods and topics were quite different. With our guidance, he was preparing himself with a daily self-study program for the AEIS exam. But we notice that the progress got slower, the confidence level lower and lower and he came almost to a standstill in terms of his progress.

We had to react and were looking for a center which was able to tackle the existing issues in the remaining time.

We notice quite fast that we made the right decision to send him to IPMUM Education. The learning was not based on a specific book but based on the own prepared documents by the center which was addressing his weak points. The issues got addressed one by one. His confidence level increased very fast because he got the answers how he has to master his weak topics. He improved lesson by lesson. Thereby, we were impressed about the passionate and caring of his teacher. Often the lessons were not finished on time but after a topic was really completed and understood by Eagle which means our teacher went almost every lesson the extra mile.

We can highly recommend IPMUM Education and will also proceed with the Math tuition for Eagle John after the exam to ensure that his is really ready for his classes next year.”

Kurt & Marivic Nick

Parents of Eagle (AEIS P4- 2016)

“I came to know of IPMUM Education after attending its workshop.  We registered Enya in the P6 programme less than 3 months to PSLE. Before joining IPMUM, Enya had not attended any other Math tuition and was facing challenges with the concepts and solving difficult word problems.  (Enya is weak in supposition method/assumption method, speed formulas)

IPMUM’s P6 programme enabled me to attend the classes together with Enya. The PSLE programme was intensive and focused on helping the students with the PSLE journey. The hands-on Geometry also helps Enya to understand why a certain formulas of solving a question work and help her to visualise better. We found the teachers to be very dedicated and they always went the extra mile to motivate the students and made us felt comfortable and cozy during the lessons.

Through this programme, not only was I able to guide Enya when she had difficulties at home with Math but it had also drawn us closer together as I understood the challenges she was facing in her PSLE journey.”

Katrina Tan

Mother of Enya (P6 - 2016)

“My son had a great dip to 70 marks in his Maths in P5 SA1 from 97 marks in SA2 in P4.  We had tried all ways to help him to improve his Maths but to no avail. His P5 SA 2 result was still at 70 marks. My son lost his confidence in Maths and was very demoralized. I was desperately looking for help and all the well-known tuition centres were all full by Feb 2017.

I chanced upon IPMUM in Facebook and was impressed by the program structure and the small class size setting in Mar 2017. Ms Chan is also very responsible and a detailed teacher who never failed to answer all the questions that my son was not sure of. My son is able to understand Ms Chan’s teaching and methods.

Ms Chan exposes the students with more than one approach for each question. This enabled the students to choose the method they are more confident in to solve different problem sums. During his preliminary result, he had a high A grade of 83 marks and this boosted his confidence to work harder.

Thanks to Ms Chan, Hou Tsing was able to get A* for Maths in PSLE.”

Joyce (Hou Tsing)

Mother of Hou Tsing (P6 – 2017)

“Amber has been apprehensive in the beginning when we wanted to enroll her for the Maths lesson at IPMUM. She hasn’t been doing well in her P1 CA1 and we wanted her to have a stronger foundation as she progresses. However, our fears were uncalled for as she settled comfortably on her first lesson. We were delighted to know that Amber was in fact looking forward to attending her next lesson at IPMUM.  Fast forward to P2, Amber managed to score a perfect 20/20 for her CA1. Thanks to the teacher at IPMUM for her excellent dedication and constant words of encouragement to Amber. Amber’s stellar result is proof of IPMUM’s teaching method and pedagogy.”


Parent of Amber (P2 - 2018)

“Kaleb started attending Math class at IPMUM since July 2017.  Before coming to IPMUM, Kaleb developed Math anxiety as he finds problem solving questions difficult and was losing confidence towards the subject.

I was hesitant to sign Kaleb up for any Math enrichment or tuition classes for fear of increasing his anxiety, piling up his workload and adding unnecessary pressure on him.  But after the Trial session with IPMUM, Kaleb agreed to come for further sessions. That itself was an indication that he enjoys the Math class and was not showing any resistance to learning at IPMUM.

Since attending IPMUM for the last four months, Kaleb has shown more confidence towards solving Math problems and his attitude towards Math learning has been very positive. It is very encouraging to see such improvement within a short span of time.  This is due to the way Ms Felicia leads and teaches.  Thank you, Ms Felicia for your guidance and patience and most importantly, creating a positive and safe environment where children are allowed to make mistakes and learn from them.”

Mrs Tan

Mother of Kaleb (P4 - 2017)

“Since December 2016, Rico had started to join IPMUM. Initially, it was just a Holiday Programme for him but after attending a few lessons, he enjoys it and he had joined IPMUM ever since.

Rico has started to build up his confidence as questions became more challenging and trickier. He will try to solve the questions by applying the methods taught during the lessons. His improvement has shown and his understanding towards the Math problem sums are getting better and better each time.”

Thank You IPMUM.


Parent of Rico (P4 - 2017)

“Christy was doing very well in Primary 4 Math. In Primary Five, she found the Math questions to be more and more challenging due to the increase in the difficulty level of the work problems and her marks dropped drastically. She felt demoralized and started to have phobia in solving Math questions.

We wanted to look for a tuition centre that would provide her with more attention which means smaller class size. A friend recommended us to IPMUM Education Centre. Besides finding the centre homely, she found that she has learned a lot from the solutions and methods taught as they are easy to understand.

In Primary 6, Christy started getting stressed and worried for her Math again. However, the teacher, specifically Teacher Felicia gave endless encouragement and support to her. She went through questions that she had difficulties with and patiently guided her. The methods that she taught were gone through in full detail with some question examples and past PSLE questions which are very helpful.

Teacher Felicia was not only helpful, warm but very hardworking in providing the worksheets for practices. IPMUM has also very good workshops catered not only to the students but to the parents too before the PSLE, on maths and parenting talks.

Both Christy and myself her mother were thankful and blessed to have found this tuition centre.”

A. Yee

Parent of Christy (2017)

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