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Math Tuition For Students Who Are Already Good

by | May 15, 2020 | Video

So you ask, why do I need to send my child to Math tuition when he is already doing well.  Will he still learn anything new?

Depending on the level of your child, the answer is different.

However, we have a lot of students who are doing good and still come to us. 


It is not only to unlock their potential. They already have it but it is to maximise their potential. 

They want to enhance and deepen their understanding of concepts, not just topical understanding which they already know

They want to practice more questions, not just any questions but more challenging questions

They want to learn alternative methods so that they have more options to decide on what methods work for them. 

They want to be exam ready when exams come. We coach exam questions and techniques and this boosts their confidence to face the exams. 

And of course, there are those who are already good but are just too complacent to practice on their own, so tuition works for them. 

I asked my good students what they expect by coming to our Math classes. Very often they say that they just want to do even better, to score top marks or even full marks. 

So, even if your child is already good, attending the classes gives him a platform to maximise his potential.

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