Math Musings

How My Students Achieved The Results They Wanted

by | May 15, 2020 | Video

As a teacher, nothing makes me more satisfied than seeing our students make it, 

Every student who first come to us has a story about his Math journey. 

The most compelling stories for me to tell are those where students come in feeling very demoralised and defeated. 

I could see in their eyes; the stress and anxiety they have with the Word Problem questions. 

I try my best to encourage them with easy-to-understand methods and help them break down the questions.

I offer alternative solutions and methods. I don’t force them to use a certain method and will explain until it clicks for them. 

Some of them have experienced setbacks and I continue to encourage them not to see these setbacks as failure but to persevere and to work hard.

Working hard has paid off for these students and when they succeed, they usually can’t wait to tell me the good news. 

It’s not only about scoring “A”s. Some are ecstatic just by passing the exams when they have failed before.

If we have managed to make a difference in our students Math achievement, this alone would be sufficient for us as the best testimonial ever.

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