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They Say Tuition Classes Are Expensive?

by | May 15, 2020 | Video

Yes, they are not cheap but expensive is relative.

If people see the value in something, the price is immaterial. 

For example, if a meal at XYZ restaurant costs $300 and no one bats an eyelid when the bill arrives. Why? Because the food was good and everyone was happy. But if the meal costs $60 but the food was bad, people will say the restaurant is a rip-off. Don’t ever go there again. 

So, when someone says something is expensive, that is because they do not see the value in it.

Is Math tuition so necessary that there is value in it?

What is the price of a headache when your child slackens in his Math grades?

What is the price of a worry when your child scores poorly in his Math exam?

What is the price of stress when your child struggles in understanding Math questions?

What is the price of anxiety when your child loses confidence in himself?

On the other hand,

What is the price of peace of mind when you know your child is learning well, improving and able to do Math questions? 

What is the price of feeling proud of your child when he achieves success in Math?

What is the price of seeing your child happy and confident?

If you can see the value in these, then you will not say that Math tuition classes are expensive, rather they are priceless. 

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