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Math Musings

How I Made 21 Math Musings Videos in 21 Days

The videos were taken candidly at home, with the help of my son who was 8 years old at that time. We are neither digital professionals nor professional speakers.  These are just musings from my experience as a mum to my children and a teacher to my students. Most of...

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How My Students Achieved The Results They Wanted

As a teacher, nothing makes me more satisfied than seeing our students make it,  Every student who first come to us has a story about his Math journey.  The most compelling stories for me to tell are those where students come in feeling very demoralised and defeated. ...

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Math Tuition For Students Who Are Already Good

So you ask, why do I need to send my child to Math tuition when he is already doing well.  Will he still learn anything new? Depending on the level of your child, the answer is different. However, we have a lot of students who are doing good and still come to us. ...

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What If The Math Classes Don’t Work?

You ask, hey.. what if my child comes for your classes every week and we still don’t see any improvement in his marks.  Perhaps.. that could be a possibility. Even though we guarantee that we will do our best to help every child that walks through our doors, ..even...

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They Say Tuition Classes Are Expensive?

Yes, they are not cheap but expensive is relative. If people see the value in something, the price is immaterial.  For example, if a meal at XYZ restaurant costs $300 and no one bats an eyelid when the bill arrives. Why? Because the food was good and everyone was...

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Why Making Mistakes is Valuable For Learning Math

Very often, students only want to know the right answer.  Whenever I ask students to try out a question in class, the first thing they want to know is .. “Teacher, what is the answer?” and I will ask back “What’s yours”?.  Surprisingly, they have not even worked out...

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What to Do After Failing Math in Primary 5

So, your child has done badly in his Math paper or even failed... and he’s in Primary 5. If you are a first-time Primary 5 parent, you may be shocked and upset. Don’t be quick to scold your child or blame him. This will only demoralize him and make him give up. Before...

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5 Minutes Per Math Question Everyday

Many students do not do enough Math questions. In other words, they do not practice enough. The common reason I hear all the time is that there is NO TIME.  Now, what if your child takes just 5 minutes of his daily life to do just one Math Word Problem? Why 5 minutes?...

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Why Do Students Do Badly in Math

There are many reasons why students do badly in Math particularly in Math exams. I’m not going to talk about students being lazy, not focused, distracted or just very careless. These are usually attributes that parents already know.  What many parents do not know is...

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About the Author, Felicia Chan (Founder of Ipmum Education)

I’ve always loved Math. It must be in my blood.

My mother was a primary school Mathematics teacher and she was one excellent teacher. My father was a primary school English Language teacher.

Growing up, due to my parents’ profession, I was lucky to have learning resources around me, during times when such resources were limited and not easily available.

My most memorable Math teacher in school was Miss Lee in Primary 5. She was extremely strict and demanded the right answers in the fastest time! She used to start mental sums drills first thing in the morning even as we scrambled to put our bags down upon entering the class. That’s how speedy she was!

This setting must have paved the way for me; to always consider Mathematics in any decisions I made, from secondary school, all the way to tertiary where I chose to pursue a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

My engineering career spanning over 20 years with a large multi-national corporation was challenging and fulfilling. However, as my eldest boy grew older and started school, I found that I gained more satisfaction from helping him with his Math homework. I began to realise that I especially enjoyed teaching those with self-limiting beliefs and anxiety in Math.

It didn’t take me long to decide on making teaching my second career after leaving the corporate world. Since I started IPMUM Education, there has been no turning back for me to help kids eliminate Math anxiety and become proficient in Math as long as they have the right mindset and the will to go for it!

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